Tduino Alpha : Arduino Compatible Project Boards

Tduino Alpha by skubotics as an arduino alternative
Tduino Alpha by skubotics as an arduino alternative

Currently Tduino Alpha is Discontinued, and has been replaced with Barebone which is the latest Arduino compatible Project Board from Skubotics.

About the Product

The Tduino Alpha was our first Arduino IDE compatible Arduino alternative, which was developed to eradicate the problems of users running out of 5v and Gnd pins on the conventional available boards. However, we had to stop manufacturing this product after 200+ units due to multiple technical defects.

Technical Specifications

  • Atmega 8/168/328 µC supported
  • Offboard USB to Serial Uploader
  • Recommended Input Voltage
    (via DC Adapter) : 7.5V - 12V DC
  • Digital I/O pins : 14
  • Analog input pins : 6
  • Slide Switch for switching between Off, USB Power and Battery Power
  • Clock Speed : 16Mhz
  • Board dimensions: 67mm X 54mm (Board is rectangular)