Research Level | Final Year Project Design & Development

Project Development in Kolkata by Skubotics

We take up Research Level (M.Tech/M.Sc) as well as Final Year Engineering Level projects for the students as well as teachers, belonging to various technological fields.

What topics do we cover ?

  • Hardware - Analog Electronics, Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, SoC and Robotics.
  • Software - Console Application, Web Application and Mobile Application

Will I be explained about the project ?

We will be explaining you the entire work what we will be doing and you will also get to learn about the project in a detailed way with us. We make sure at the end of the day its not only about the project but about the entire technology and mastering it properly.

What do I get along with the project ?

Along with the Hardware you will also be handed the Project Report document and a Presentation which you are required to show during your project submission. However, extra charges apply for the last two.

Charges :

Charges for developing the project varies according to the complexity/simplicity of the project. Contact us in the number below for a price quote.

Completed Projects

  • Patient Monitoring System using Raspberry Pi
  • Internet Controlled Industry Automation
  • 4 Axis Solar Tracker (Paper Published)
  • EarthQuake Detection and SMS Alerting using GSM
  • RFID based Attedance System
  • Temperature Monitor and Wireless Transmitter
  • Bluetooth Based Voice Activated Home Automation
  • IR Remote Controlled Home Automation
  • Image Processing based Security System on Raspberry Pi
  • Timer & Noise Intensity Based High Wattage Power Controller

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