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Microcontroller and Analog based Product Designing

We have our dedicated team to provide you design, development, and prototyping services to enable you to convert your product ideas from an early concept stage to a final finished production-ready design. Our engineers can add value to your concept, no matter whatever stage your project is at. The steps we usually follow are :


In this stage, we shall take your concept from pen and paper to a physical form, that mimics your final product's functionalities. To facilitate your understanding process, the prototype we produce helps you to understand the complex interaction between the user and device. We usually hand produce multiple working prototypes, and then test them to gather further feedback and to identify bugs that will might crop up in the future.


Once the prototype is finalized, we proceed with completing the conversion process from concept to product. The processes we support currently are :

  • PCB Design and Fabrication : We can design conventional through-hole, surface mount technologies (SMT) on rigid circuits and check them with ICT (in-circuit test) and a functional test.
  • Electronic Assembly : We take full responsibility of mounting all the components along with mechanical integration (soldering and cabling)
  • Firmware Development : Almost every electronic product today uses at least one microcontroller with its internal peripherals and custom firmware which previously would have been designed with significant amounts of analog circuitry and digital logic. We can help you design and develop the logic efficiently to run your MCU based products.


In this stage, we shall be testing the the final product to gather further feedback and to identify bugs that will might crop up in the future and resolve it well. The product is not only stress tested but also re-validated for any user experience issues that might come up during the end user tests.

Our Specialization

  • 8-Bit | 32-Bit Microcontroller based Embedded System Design
  • Custom Sensor Interfacing with Signal Acquisition and Conditioning
  • I2C, RS232, USB - Wired Communication protocols
  • Infrared, Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, RFID - Wireless Communication Protocols
  • Custom Software Integration and Interface Support
  • Single Sided PCB Reverse Engineering

Delivered Projects

  • Stylo Media - Electro Luminescent Lighting Power Supply
  • Ananda Bajar Patrika - Flexible Embedded Advertisement
  • HIDCO - Image Processing Based Traffic Light Control
  • Reliance Energy - Oil Monitoring System
  • Voltas - IOT based Remote Device Status Monitoring
  • Selenova - IOT based Water Pump Monitoring & Control
  • MyWbut - Arduino based Educational Kit Development
  • ESL - Arduino Board Alternative Development (Tduino)

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