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Robotics in School was an initiative to bridge the missing gap between theoretical sciences and real life practical applications based on STEM model. Skubotics (School of Robotics; called then) started with the primary aim to bridge that missing gap, and educated the schools around, as to how to leverage Robotics as a tool to make the study curriculum more meaningful and playful. The transition from a Education provider to a Service and Products base, took a while from 2010 to today.



  • Robotics in School is born, targeting school students primarily for engaging them practically by introducing them to manual robotics.


  • We have already addressed over 200+ students in over 5 schools in Kolkata region in the field of Arduino Based Robotics.
  • Robotics in School expands its operations to Durgapur, delivers workshops at premium institutions like Xaviers and Hemsheela successfully.


  • The name "Robotics in Schools" changed to Skubotics; we start targeting Engineering Colleges with Robotics and Embedded Systems in its course curriculum
  • We start taking up projects for MSMEs in the field of microcontroller based micro automation which involved upgradation of various day to day factory processes.


  • Our first product-Tduino manufactured as a low priced beginner level Robotics Board for the hobbyists based on the popular Arduino hardware. We yet did not have a proper laboratory setup to carry out our day to day operations.


  • Skubotics' official tie up with Mywbut and first workshop delivered at Rabindra Sadan. Offline Mass Training journey begins from here.
  • We set up our base at multiple locations to carry out manufacturing of in-house development boards and day to day operations.

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