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Arduino Starter Kit ( Basic )

Input Card Output Card Relay Card IR Pair Arduino Starter Kit by skubotics for learning arduino for beginners

This is a low priced basic development kit, with specific subject matter coverage, designed around the Barebone, for people who wish to start learning Arduino on their own.

Kit Contents

  • Barebone v1.5 - our in-house manufactured Arduino alternative
  • USB2Serial Uploader
  • Input Card containing Light Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Switch Input, Potentiometer Input
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Tilt Sensor
  • IR Pair Sensor
  • Output Card containing LEDs, Piezoelectric Buzzer, ULN2003 driven 4 output channels
  • Relay Card - Transistorized 12v Relay
  • 16x2 Liquid Crystal Display
  • 7 Segment Card
  • DuPont Wires (Female-Female) x20

Projects You Can Make

  • Light Based Projects
  • Automation based on Intensity of Sunlight
  • Street Light Automation
  • Temperature Based Projects
  • Digital Thermometer with Digital Display
  • Fire Alarm System
  • Temperature based Motor Speed Control
  • Distance Sensing Based Projects
  • Blind Stick with Buzzer Alarm
  • Speed Gun
  • Water Level Indication and Pump Automation