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Arduino Robot Kit

Arduino Robot Kit by skubotics for learning robotics using Arduino for beginners

This is a low priced robotics development kit, with specific subject matter coverage over selected robots, designed around the RoboBoard, for people who wish to start learning Robotics on their own.

Kit Contents

  • RoboBoard v2.0 - our in-house manufactured Arduino based Robotics Board. x1
  • USB2Serial Uploader x1
  • Ultrasonic Sensor x1
  • IR Sensor x2
  • Light Sensor x2
  • HC-05 Bluetooth Module x1
  • DTMF Card x1
  • MPU6050 Accelerometer x1
  • DuPont Wires (Female-Female) x20

Robots You Can Make

  • Line Following Robot
  • Light Avoiding/Following Robot
  • Obstacle Avoiding/Following Robot
  • Bluetooth Remote Controlled Robot
  • Voice Controlled Robot
  • Motion Controlled Robot
  • DTMF Robot