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Barebone : Arduino Compatible Project Boards

Barebone-Arduino alternative by Skubotics
Barebone-Arduino alternative by Skubotics

About the Product

The Barebone is our actively running Arduino IDE compatible Arduino alternative, which is cheaper than the currently available chinese Arduino clones in the market. This board has 4 additional 5v and Gnd pins for your help as well. We have manufactured more than 1K units till now and have upgraded to v2.0 to support the idea of #Atmanirbhar #AtmanirbharBharat.

Technical Specifications

  • Atmega 8/168/328 µC supported
  • Offboard USB to Serial Uploader
  • Recommended Input Voltage
    (via DC Adapter) : 7.5V - 12V DC
  • Digital I/O pins : 14
  • Analog input pins : 6
  • Clock Speed : 16Mhz
  • Board dimensions: 66mm x 54mm


  • Off-board USB to Serial Uploader (USB2Serial)
  • Robust Build
  • More 5v and Gnd Pins than the Arduino UNO